The Madness Continues (Update 2 of Many...)

Wooh - the new flyer is complete.

Please support us by plastering this bitch all over the internets.

Remember to mention that it's fancy dress and we have wonderous free surgical masks!



Cyberia v2.0 - EPIDEMIC (Update 1 of Many...)

You've all been asking so I'm just giving you early notice as to whats going on an where we've been for the past two months...

DJ's yet to be confirmed.

Cyberia v2.0 'EPIDEMIC' - 20th February 2009 @ Teviot Underground, Bristo Square, Edinburgh!</b>

Featuring the Lips of Sin Girls!

These lovely ladies have agreed to come and dance for us - with the potential of a few 'medical' burlesque acts amongst them.

MEDICAL THEME - with FREE SURGICAL MASK for the first 100 through the door (damn, we're good to you...)

Furthermore theres a new Facebook Group so go and join it pah-leese.



A BIG THANK YOU... everybody who made the Cyberia v2.0 launch a night to remember.

Congratulations to our DJ's for keeping the floor continually full for a good 4 hours, all those that attended for dancing their socks off and all our little promo-droids for getting people through those doors in the first place.

January (fingers crossed) should bring with it our second night: Cyberia v2.0 - 'Epidemic''s all a little secretive for now but keep your peepers peeled for revelations in the next few weeks.

I have a few small requests from you all though:

1) Anybody who took photo's that they'd like to share pelase email them to me at

2) Same applies for people wanting to share feedback (positive or negative) and make suggestions for what you'd like to see next time round.

3) DJ & Promodroid applications are open for January - drop me a message if you want to be assimilated.

Thanks again.


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Call to disorder...

Cyberia Ver2.0

Ladies and Gentlemen - firstly a big thank you for all your support in getting us off the ground!

[To anybody who has already confirmed their attendance on 28th November (via the Facebook group which you should all go and join), basically, I love you already.]

The flyers have been finished, thanks to the dilligent work of our Promodroids and will be ready for collection/distribution by Friday - in the meantime I have a favour to ask of you.

We're giving you your official '1 Motherfucking Month To Go!' call to disorder - what we need you to do is take the lovely flyer code:

...and go irritate some forum administrators by spamming their boards...

This benifits both us and you: we get shameless promotion and you get the warm fuzzy feeling of wreaking cyber havoc.

Go forth and destroy...*cough*...I mean 'promote'...yeah.

Alice Absinthe

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Welcoming our new mascot...

The embodiment of Cyberia v2.0.

Thank you very much to the fantastic mind and digital imaging prowess of Mister Josh Simmonds.

Much love.



P.s. Flyers, confirmed DJ's and entry prices coming soon!

Cyberia v2.0 - 'Re-Animation' (Edinburgh)

[Oh yes, our pesky 'Promodroids' get everywhere - we've even invaded LJ!]

I'd like to tell you a little story...

Once there was a club called Cyberia (run by the lovely folks at EDG&RS) and it was the original Edinburgh based EBM/Industrial/Darkwave night .

It's dates were erratic but when it happened, it fucking happened.

Many years, some drama and some highly illegal genetic experimentation later...Cyberia had a baby!

EDG&RS (Edinburgh University Gothe & Rock Soc.) are proud to present Cyberia v2.0 - guaranteed to bring you a deadly dose of aural heroin, cut with futuristic visuals and administered straight into the brain.

Bringing together some of Edinburgh's best DJ's (alongside guests from all over the UK) this is one excuse to whip out the glowsticks, don a pair of platforms and dance like it's the end of the world that you don't want to miss!

We re-launch on 28th November 2008 @ Teviot Underground, Bristo Square, Edinburgh and it's set to be massive!

Much love.

Alice Absinthe (your humble webmistress)


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